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Feb 25th
Home Peru Trade Facts

The US-Peru Trade Promotion Agreement (Spanish: Tratado de Libre Comercio Peru - Estados Unidos) is a bilateral free trade agreement implemented on February 1, 2009, which provides attractive incentives for investment in Peru. The Free Trade Agreement facilitates trade between the United States and Peru. In addtion, the Agreement strengthens access to goods and service, while promoting private investment in Peru. [source]

Moreover, the trade and investment climate in Peru has significantly improved. Foreign investor confidence in Peru should be maintained with the sustaining capital flows from other foreign investments. The Foreign Investment Promotion Law, and the Framework Law for Private Investment Growth outlines the government's support for privatization and foreign investment. Consequently, privatization sales have historically totalled over $7 billion, most of which comes from foreign investors. Additionally, there are no restriction on remittances, and activities in Export Processing Zones have been tax and customs duty exempt. [source]

Total foreign direct investment (FDI) stock fluctuated in the late 90's. Commencing in 2001, there has been continual steady growth when FDI flows increased to $1.1 billion. FDI conintued to grow 2002 when FDI was approxmately $2 billion. The major sources of FDI have been Spain (telecommunications), the United States, and the United Kingdom (energy and mining). Cumulative FDI as of 2002 was over $10 billion. [source]

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