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The Mintzer Group LLC

Feb 25th

The Mintzer Group & ACSI will build  houses in Peru

The Mintzer Group is in an excellent position to utilize the extraordinary opportunities awaiting investors in Peru. Our success is the result of a disciplined and conventional investment, reliable management, focus on commerce we know and in which we have a competitive advantage.

In 2009 The Mintzer Group performed a case study with a team of specialists focusing on health, education, and housing to develop the country. The team concluded that the country is ripe for investment with considerable unrealized growth potential. Peru requires 1.2 million houses for its low income population. In order to meet the country’s needs, The Mintzer Group will bring the necessary technology to accelerate the exports and strengthen a world source of lush raw materials.

Peru is a county rich in natural resources, such as mining, natural gas, with a large jungle known as the “lungs of the world”. The mining of metals was Peru's leading industry in 2002. Among export commodities, gold, copper, zinc, crude petroleum and byproducts, and lead ranked second through sixth, respectively. Peru was the second-largest producer of silver, after Mexico, the third-largest producer of zinc, after China and Australia, and the fourth-largest producer of lead, after Australia, China, and the United States. Peru's zinc output represented 12% of world concentrate output, almost 62% of Latin America's concentrate, and 29% of refined zinc. Including petroleum, mineral export earnings amounted to $3.6 billion, or 50.7% of total export earnings. Mining export revenues ($3.2 billion) represented 45.1% of total exports. Gold exports earned $1.2 billion; copper, $987 million; zinc, $419 million; lead, $196 million; and silver, $169 million.

Agriculture is an abundant market, because the country has millions of hectors of rich land to grow. Moreover in 2008 Minister Ismael Benavides Ferreyros announced an investment of about $300 million to improve productivity of Peru’s agriculture sector producing 400,000 new jobs within the sector, and another 200,000 jobs to agricultural production by 2011.

Consequently, housing development is one of the major niches for potential investors. To capitalize on this limited opportunity, The Mintzer Group and our partner, Advanced Camp Structures International A Division of Advanced Containment Systems, Inc. (hereinafter ACSI) is committing to build communities in the areas with great need. Our partner ACSI has two plants in the United States totaling 240,000 square feet and ready to build low income houses and military camps with heliports for open access to the communities. These houses meet the structural needs in Peru including the areas affected by earthquakes since they meet and exceed the seismic requirements in Peru. A key factor to consider in light of the region's slight susceptibility to earthquakes. Presently, we have an agreement with a private cooperative in Ayacucho to build hundreds of houses. Furthermore, in 2006 Peru suffered earthquake in Ica where approximately 25,000 homes are still needed. These factors in combination with recent flooding in Cusco in the high altitude areas, where homes were destroyed has given rise to great demand for a high volume market.

Finally, the need for water treatment and desalinization will provide fruitful returns to potential investors, which is made possible by The Mintzer Group’s funneling of necessary technology.

Together we will build modern and enduring communities with hospitals, school systems, as well as properties set aside for recreation and leisure development.






The Mintzer Group LLC is sponsoring an already existing airport hub in the United States. As part of the inversion into Peru, The Mintzer Group is promoting expansion of the airports in Perú and a passenger and air freight operation between an already existing airport in the United States.

Development in Peru

The Mintzer Group LLC represents several companies and private investors for agro-industrial projects, energy resources and tourism opportunities. We are working towards expanding the airport and bringing airlines to the region of the Amazonas. Forty-five (45) minutes from Lima on the premier ocean view Asia Beach Development, we have access to six hundred (600) acres of land zoned for up-and-coming developments such as hotels, restaurants, performing arts centers, hospitals, clinics and other possibilities open for discussion.




turismo_kadiStudies show that by 2030 there will be over 50,000 retirees looking
for places to live.


The Mintzer Group is endeavoring to bring new technology in telecommunications to Peru.


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